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I don't want to offend her.

My mother cooks well.

Were you able to get any of the information we needed?

Advanced learners of a language would usually get the gist but not the quirks.

Such changes are nothing more than the artist's legerdemain.

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Are we going out for lunch today?

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I usually went to bed at ten in my school days.


Everything is going just fine.


You damn idiot!

Do you have heartburn?

Has that happened yet?

I don't know Russian yet.

The actress brought the whole silly play to life.

I told Johan what he had to do.

Ellen became uneasy.

You have to put off your departure for England till next week.

Corey had little formal education.


I had lost a camera in the previous day.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.

We have a pretrial conference.

I study sometimes!

She wished she had more time.

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Internal division within the Labor Party was one of the factors which led to its defeat at the recent election.


How much is a room for two people in this five-star hotel?


Lori is quite tall.


Jacques made it clear that he wanted to meet Mr Gagnon.

She is very fond of gossip.

When are you going to come?

A stocky man with a swarthy complexion snatched Liz's handbag and disappeared into the crowd.

Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens.

Mosur won't have any part of it.

Jarl blushed when he saw Alf naked.

What does "resident alien" mean?

Matti is just pretending to be asleep.


For love is something you can't reject.

We complained about that.

Please contact me later.

I'd do anything to avoid that.

Can I eat this?


I might tell them everything.


She kindly showed me around the city.

I ordered a textbook from the internet, but I had to return it as it lacked accompanying audio CDs.

I'm completely confused.

Nobody likes to be found fault with.

"Is it an illegal taxi?" I ask him.

You can save your breath. There is no use talking to him.

Let's keep this simple.

The boy isn't aware of his parents' efforts to raise him.

Felix is thirty now.

Walt and Loyd had an acrimonious divorce and custody battle for their children.

Amir doesn't have enough money to pay all his bills this month.

Someone came in.

Corey swerved hard, losing control of his car.

Pravin is very rude.

She has more money than brains.

Did he really do that? You couldn't make it up!

They are the boys of the parish.

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The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

Do you want me to do that for you?

Nothing dramatic will happen.

She took my bicycle before my eyes; she didn't even ask me for it!

Why did you want to speak with us?

Why did you buy an American car?

I will be the cook tonight.

Saiid closed the curtains.

I'll call her immediately.

Police arrested three suspects.

I read a newspaper every day so that I may keep up with the time.

The painting is the work of a Dutch master.

Would you like me to draw you a diagram?

The Thames is a river that flows through London.

The challenges are daunting, but we can overcome them.

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People living in town don't know the pleasures of country life.

You've left your ID at home, so you can't come in.

Antony slowly closed his eyes.

Part gave me a French dictionary.

I was unable to go to his birthday party.

I would have done it at that time.

Don't forget to close the door.

Anatoly put the key into his pocket.

Please address your mail clearly and correctly.

I cook, but I'm really crap at it.

Betsy is as incompetent as Walter.


I'm busy, Beckie.


I found her there.

I didn't want you to make a fuss.

I don't believe that for a minute.

That's an outrage.

It is all Greek to me.

Ken agrees that's true.

Don't forget to see me tomorrow morning.

Martha asked Morgan to call the police.

A fierce battle was fought here.

Please don't let go of my hand.

I can remember the warmth of her hands.

You must've hated Dewey for what he did.

My eyes are brimming with tears.


John threw an empty beer can at Heather.

We've known them for years.

Going to live abroad is a major decision.

I had a guilty conscience.

Take me there.

Are you saying you can fix it?

I'm late for work.


I wonder why John is always late for school.

The game was postponed because of the bad weather.

Is anything happening?

The climate affects people in every land.

I'm not covering your roof with straw.


You must leave.

This is getting ridiculous.

Why did you poison us?

I'm sorry, you seem to have misdialed the phone.

Could you take this, please?


Be careful what you wish for. It might come true.


His nationality counted against him.


Where is the entrance?

With time on our hands now, let's do some good.

Would you like black tea or coffee?


The programmer is fixing a technical problem with the computer server.


Nothing is so tasty as the dish you make.

He felt very lonely.

Lynnette works nights.

The police is still investigating the mysterious death of the professor.

When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes.

Jelske and I are great friends.

Thank you for helping me write my resume.

Do you want to go to lunch?

Leopold, she whispered to me, restrain yourself.


I hope that my accent's good.

I'm convinced Denis killed himself.

I intend to see that that doesn't happen.


Mail for you will be held until you call for it.

2015 is the year of the wood sheep.

That's all you have to do!

He is a shade better today.

You should not look to others for help so easily.

This report is free from errors.

I'd like to buy this computer, but it costs a fortune!

I thought that you were coming over last night.

I'm certain of that.

Courtney doesn't have any friends here in Boston.

I spoke in class.

Never choose a vocation just because it looks easy.

He is up to some monkey business.

While I was swimming, I got a cramp in my leg.

Public opinion plays a vital in the political realm.

Who in the world do you think you are?

Did you water the tomatoes?


When my father came, I had eaten my apple.


I have been down with a headache.


I'm sure I can do what you're asking.

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If the rental period is extended beyond the agreed period, it shall be calculated a prorated rent.

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We try to keep Esperanto alive mainly for the fun because there is no survival value to it.

Where did you paint them?

Raghu knows all this already.


Are you sure you can afford this?

This will let us quickly double the number of sentences.

You can watch television after dinner.


I am working hard trying to learn English.

I know exactly what'll happen.

I want a box three times as large as this.

Did you hear the story about the bungee jumper who died because he miscalculated the height of each storey before diving off a building?

I didn't know there would be an Osaka edition.

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Model your manners on his.